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Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven


This website is a work in progress as the new, updated version of Sir Shambling's website -

Technology has moved on since Sir Shambling wrote his first pages back in 2004 and we hope the new site looks better, especially on tablets and phones. Still the same great sounds.

Please feel free to browse here.The content will grow as we update all the pages but obviously it will take time, there are over a thousand pages to convert. The old website will always be available here.

For new visitors this website is dedicated to soul music and the artists who made it. Mostly concentrating on deep soul and southern soul recordings from below the Mason - Dixon line in the Golden Age between about 1960 and 1980 when the dreaded synthesisers began to take over. But like all the “rules” of the site, this one was made to be broken, and a lot of other sorts of black music have found their way here as well.

Soundclips - Please note that all tracks on this website have been “seeded” with a series of “bleeps” through the course of the song to prevent copying for financial gain. Sadly this also means that listening to them for pleasure has been seriously compromised. Apologies to all who come here for the music and not to make money out of the site – but since the only alternative was to close the site completely we hope you will understand.